About us


Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation was established in 1994 and is the holding subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. Over the years, our company has continuously consolidated the foundation of management, adjusted strategic positioning, deepened service innovation, accelerated industrial breakthroughs, focused on market service demand, integrated diversified business models, and took “drug distribution” as the core, based on the “mature terminal network of the three northeast provinces and Inner Mongolia”, we strive to promote diversified businesses such as supply chain extension services, tripartite logistics services, health management services, international trade and new retail to speed up the construction of “smart medicine” service system and gradually transform and upgrade to information-based and digital high-end health service enterprises to create new core competitiveness.

After years of development, the scale of our company continues to expand, business performance and brand reputation in the industry has become increasingly prominent. Our company had won the “credit AAA rating” honor for several years in a row. In 2020, our company continued to maintain multi-format coordinated development, sales reached RMB6.4 billion.In 2021, our company continued to maintain multi-format coordinated development, sales reached RMB7.84 billion.

2021 Sales
Terminal customer
10000 +
Area of stock
8000 +
Daily throughput

Business introduction


Company sales in 2020 were 6.4 billion

Company sales in 2021 were
7.84 billion

More than 7,000 terminal customers; have established long-term and stable business relationships with more than 100 foreign customers from more than 30 countries and regions.

Terminal Customers
More than 7,000

18,300 square meters of fully automatic three-dimensional warehouses for storage and transportation, and 14,830 cubic meters of constant temperature and humidity cold storage warehouses.

Storage Area
18,300 cubic meters

The average daily throughput of the warehouse is more than 12000

Average Daily
more than 12000



SHANGHAI PHARMA TongShan Pharmacy is a new, high-end and diversified health service platform empowered by “Internet +” in the new retail era, which can provide one-stop service of “medical treatment+ medicine + insurance” for patients. Through the effective combination of medical treatment, medicine, insurance and health management, a health service system with drugs as the carrier and patients as the center is formed.

Professional Pharmaceutical Care Platform

By establishing exclusive health files according to patients' prescriptions and treatment records, patients can easily get medication guidance, diagnosis and treatment consultation, chronic disease tracking and other services to evaluate individual health status and put forward customized health management plans.

Scientific Health Management Platform

Connect the concept of health to the platform, and give guidance from children's height management, obesity management, sleep management and other aspects to help people develop a good lifestyle and enjoy a healthy life.